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Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Manager is a local or enterprise sales collection and reporting solution that can be used to specifically target business performance relative to a specific employee, service location, day part or the business as a whole. Sales Manager delivers simple-to use and flexible reporting and detailed business performance metrics through an innovative management console.

Unique and Flexible Reporting

Sales Manager provides robust reporting with variable data filters to analyse the performance of your restaurant or enterprise chain.

The software can tailor a report using one or a combination of the following:

• Enterprise group, sales region, a single restaurant or even a specific touch screen within a restaurant
• Main menu group, such as food or beverage, or specific category (i.e. appetisers, entrees, dessert)
• Product number ranges and sequences or particular products
• All employees or an individual server or cashier
• Service locations or table ranges
• Standard time ranges (i.e. this week, last week, current month) or customised date and time ranges
• Service period, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all day
• Payment and media types
• Check modifications or adjustments (i.e. voids, refunds, discounts, surcharges, tips or custom products)
• Members or loyalty customers in conjunction with WaiterPAD’s Loyalty Manager

Performance Metrics

Reporting can be generated in Sales Manager via an extensive range of reporting options specific to the following categories:

• Summary Business Performance
• Product Sales
• Group/Menu Categories
• Hourly Sales
• Exceptions
• Server Sales
• Taxes
• Tables
• Media/Payment Types
• Adjustments
• Time Periods
• Yearly Comparisons


With its simple-to-use interface, you can take advantage of Sales Manager’s in-depth reporting. A few quick clicks generates reports allowing you the opportunity to analyse the business from any angle:

• Pre-set range of over 60 stock reports
• Analyse a specific enterprise group, sales region, restaurant or terminal
• Select menu categories, payment and media types, loyalty guests or date and time range
• Report packages for each user that can be triggered to report at specific times
• Configurable exporting feature to extract and configure data in a csv file
• Apply and save various data filters to create your own customised reports
• Multiple custom reports can be printed with a single click