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Loyalty Manager

Loyalty Manager

Loyalty Manager is a local or enterprise loyalty and guest management solution that rewards loyal guests, tracks customer spending patterns, directs targeted marketing campaigns and provides membership accounting functions. This solution provides an extensive range of capabilities targeted towards heightening customer retention and maximising sales through collecting comprehensive guest data.

Reward Loyal Customers

The software is a multifaceted, customised loyalty program allowing you to reward the most frequent guests at your venue. Guests can accrue and spend loyalty points each time they dine at the restaurant and a discount structure can be confi gured based on membership type or status.

Loyalty points can be awarded based on:
• Each purchase at a ratio of pounds to points (i.e. for every £10 a guest spends they accrue 1 loyalty point)
• Bonus points can be awarded for the purchase of specific menu items, categories of food or payment types (e.g. cash vs. credit)
• Guest membership level (e.g. bonus points awarded for platinum members)
• Frequency of dining Discounts can be awarded based on:
• Guest membership level (e.g. Bronze 5%, Silver 7%, Gold 10% and Platinum 15%)
• Specific discounts tailored for each guest
• Points accrued

Track Your Guests

An unlimited number of guests can be registered and tracked with Loyalty Manager. Tracking is best facilitated by a magnetic stripe card which is provided to each guest. Upon entering the restaurant or before closing their check, the card can be swiped at either the touchscreen or the WaiterPAD handheld to track the guest’s visit. Also, guest data can be synchronised across an enterprise group.
Loyalty Manager provides the capability of tracking:
• Date of visits and spending patterns for a guest by collecting menu items they purchased and storing it in a database
• Dining and payment preferences
• Personal and professional contact information about each guest including phone number, address, birthday, and industry

Targeted Marketing

Loyalty Manager can utilise the data collected about your guests to specifically target them for marketing and promotional efforts. By making use of the filter tool, you can identify which guests would be most receptive to a particular promotion within the venue.
You can filter guests by:
• Geographic location
• Age or date of birth
• Membership level
• Frequency of dining in the venue
• Loyalty points balance
• Guest preferences as well as specific events that may be hosted at the restaurant (e.g. Wine Tasting Evening, Father’s Day)
In addition, Loyalty Manager provides the ability to export guest lists for use in mail merge or other messaging tools.

Membership Accounts

In addition to rewarding guests, Loyalty Manager can provide basic accounts receivable functions in order for guests to charge menu items to an account.
Loyalty Manager features:
• Itemised statements for each account
• Account limit parameters (e.g. credit not to exceed £500)
• Guests can pre-pay an account which is ideal for large parties or event management